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I also run a single-topic tumblr for the UBCS Denver Resident Evil cosplay/fan group.

Musician. Yarn Artist. International jewel and art thief.

I work in a tabletop game shop and I read too many comic books. Protect Carol Danvers at all costs. Currently a little bit too into the Winter Soldier. This blog is 90% fandom crap and pictures of cute animals, but I guess I cosplay sometimes and crochet sometimes and I like to post pictures of crap I make. I probably have a crush on you.

So being stuck in my booth in an EXTREMELY crowded exhibitor hall means I didn’t get as many pictures at Denver Comic Con as I wanted, and the ones I did get were fairly crappy. Here’s a few that came out okay, starting with the Hello Kitty Samurai, because it is just about the most epic costume of all time…

And yes, that is a tumblr dress in the second photo, people were writing their tracked tags all over her, so I added on #Theon Greyjoy and #opera.

The third photo is Eddie McClintock of Warehouse 13/Bones fame, who took home the custom Nemesis plushie I created for UBCS Denver. When I found out he had the plushie I had to get a photo, and he was super cool, gave me a huge hug and told me how awesome the Nemesis was ^^ (As an aside, he is even more handsome IRL than on television, I’m not sure how that works…)

In all, the con was a huge success!!!

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