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I also run a single-topic tumblr for the UBCS Denver Resident Evil cosplay/fan group.

Musician. Yarn Artist. International jewel and art thief.

I work in a tabletop game shop and I read too many comic books. Protect Carol Danvers at all costs. Currently a little bit too into the Winter Soldier. This blog is 90% fandom crap and pictures of cute animals, but I guess I cosplay sometimes and crochet sometimes and I like to post pictures of crap I make. I probably have a crush on you.
fighting4fantasy: Thank you so much! But I have to ask, will the arm not be stiff when it is finished? Why would I need elastic? And how would it come in handy?

So it is stiff but not completely. It is not exactly bendy, but the elastic will hold it against your arm and keep it from slipping around. I definitely think it’s an important part of the finished product.

Oh and YAY I just got cast by Boulder Opera again, this time I’m singing Dewfairy in Hansel and Gretel, yayyyyy! :) (Okay, it’s because the girl they cast originally bailed, but it isn’t the first time I’ve taken this particular soprano’s sloppy seconds and hopefully this means I’ll be top of the list going forward instead of second…)

But honestly I’m just very excited because my BFF is singing Sandemann in this one and my other BFF is singing the Witch and honestly we’re just excited to get to work together again ^^


An actual headline from The New York Times in 1919 


An actual headline from The New York Times in 1919 

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Hawkeye + text posts

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Anonymous: You gots a real purty face

Why thank you, anon. I’m like 100000% sure this is someone I know IRL, though I don’t know who, so now I’m very curious…

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fighting4fantasy: How did you get your Winter Soldier arm over you hand? I'm having trouble with the mold because my hand is bigger than my wrist.

Hi! So I definitely have fairly gigantic hands and freakishly tiny wrists, and thought I was going to have problems but it ended up being okay. However! I would suggest taking it pretty easy on the elastic at the wrist. I made it too tight originally and it was REALLY hard to get on and off. 

I have talked a little bit about this here and a very little bit in the beginning of this post, but basically I would just caution you to not make it completely tight against your wrist and also it might be a good idea if you have very small wrists to leave the elastic completely off at the bottom. It will gap a little bit but if you’re wearing a glove that will probably cover it and if you’re really worried about it you could probably add some velcro to the arm and the inside of your glove to hold it in place but tbh I really didn’t have too much of a problem with that.

I hope this helps!! :)



Series Premiere MONDAY SEPT 22 at 8/7c on FOX!

before was cat woman there was kyle there selina gotham

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she will ruin you.

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One of the highlights of the weekend was kellysue and mattfractionblog party where great comic artists filled in their hallway comic panel wallpaper.

that’s Matt Wagner, skottieyoung, tony moore, Matthew clarke and many others.

Hey, look, it’s our hallway. 

Edited to add: 

This is the wallpaper we used: